The Royal Ballet Collection

Sculpture of The Royal Ballet

Michael Talbot is collaborating with The Royal Ballet on the creation of the ‘Royal Ballet Collection’ – a series of sculptures inspired by dance and the dancers of the Company. The first piece in the series, a portrait of Principal dancer, Edward Watson in rehearsal, was completed in December 2014.  The latest piece,  Juliet was recently completed in October 2015.   Michael is working with Principal dancer Lauren Cuthbertson on the fourth piece in the series now, and the collection is to be officially launched in January 2016 (date to be confirmed).

“This project is the beginning of a dialogue between sculpture and dance that allows me to work with artists of the highest calibre from The Royal Ballet.”   Michael Talbot   

Talbot is a perfectionist and his figurative artwork is renowned for its exquisite detail and anatomical precision. This accuracy and attention to detail is an important factor in the Royal Ballet Collection, where each piece is carefully crafted to ensure that the poise and posture of the dancer is captured as precisely as possible. To achieve this, Talbot works closely with the dancers at the Royal Opera House, home to The Royal Ballet, observing and measuring them as he sculpts the clay model. During this creation phase the clay sculpture is carefully scrutinised by the expert and experienced eyes of the Royal Ballet directors and Talbot will often make minute adjustments to ensure the highest degree of integrity in the final study.

Studies in the Collection:-

Edward Watson,    Callisto,    Juliet,    Reborn-Lauren Cuthbertson