New – Emergent Sketches & Maquettes

We have just launched a new body of work that we are promoting through Michael Talbot’s principal gallery ( These are refined maquettes (scaled down models) that Michael originally created as rough drafts (sculptural sketches) for his Emergent Collection.

The rough models that were originally created during the design phase for the Emergent Collection have been refined into finely finished sculptures, so that we have a smaller collection of the very popular Emergent Collection.

The sketches are the starting point of the design and then the small maquettes were the original rough drafts of the Emergent Collection pieces.

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Emergent Collection

The key to this unique collection of sculptures is know that each figure in the Emergent Collection is first fully sculpted in the round to an advanced and detailed level. Michael fixes the pose gesture and anatomy in the knowledge that half the features will be lost with the addition of the flat plains.

By adding, I take away, in doing so I’m saying “this aspect is important and this aspect can fade”.   As so often in art, less is more.          MT

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The Ballet Collection

Michael working with Edward Watson and Lauren Cuthbertson

Sculpture of The Royal Ballet

Michael Talbot collaborated with The Royal Ballet in 2014-2016 on the creation of the ‘Ballet Collection’ – a series of sculptures inspired by dance and the dancers of the Company. The first piece in the series, a portrait of Principal dancer, Edward Watson in rehearsal;  Callisto, a tribute to the wonderfully talented Jeanetta Laurence, the former Associate Director of the Royal Ballet;  Juliet,  inspired by the character in the classic MacMillan-choreographed ballet, and Reborn, a sculpture based on Principal dancer Lauren Cuthbertson.

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