Acquire Artwork

If you are interested in buying any of the artworks on this site, please contact me for the current price using the Contact Form.

Alternatively you can purchase online from SAATCHI ART, or visit any of our other partner galleries, listed below.

Europe and USA

I work with several partner galleries in Europe and the USA (list below) that display my sculpture. You may wish to visit any of these galleries to view and purchase your favourite piece.


If you are in the UK, I can offer you a personal service, either by contacting me, or Naomi, on my Contact page here or through my principal gallery (in which I am a partner) – Calken Gallery.  Either way, we will endeavour to bring the sculpture you are interested in to your home (or office), so that you can appreciate it in its would-be home. We will often bring a few pieces so that you can decide which piece fits most comfortably (often, not the first piece you will have thought of).  This is a no obligation offer.

It will never cease to be a privilege to be able to make a living from being an artist. One of the most rewarding aspects of what I do, is having contact with the people who enjoy the work I create. Please do get in touch.

Kind regards

Michael James Talbot

Partner Galleries

SAATCHI ART – The worlds Leading Online Art Gallery

UK – London (SE) – Calken Gallery
UK – Broadway – Haynes Fine Art
UK – Birmingham – Reuben Colley Fine Art
UK – Sussex – Jeroen Markies

Netherlands – Amsterdam – Villa Del Arte Galleries

– Barcelona – Villa Del Arte Galleries
Spain – Marbella –  Timeless Gallery

Italy –  Padova – Vecchiato Arte

Newport Beach, CA – Lahaina Galleries
Naples, FL – Debruyne Fine Art
Maui, Lahaina, HI – Lahaina Galleries
Maui, Wailea, HI – Lahaina Galleries
Kamuela, Hawaii – Lahaina Galleries